Book Your Free introductory session for newcomers to learn the basics of kickboxing before trying other classes. These run on Tuesday and Thursday 6.00 p.m.


Structured at a slower tempo to improve confidence in correct kicking, boxing and muay thai techniques. Learn to put together combinations to blend flow of breathing, balance and movement.


A high cardio skill session utilising kickboxing techniques and partnering up on pads to gain the benefit of a dynamic target. A great all body workout.


A high energy circuit based workout using bags and combinations with a trainer. A fantastic way to release stress while improving fitness. This is specific to great body conditioning.

Kick Spar – (advanced and beginners)

Learn the skills of sparring and understand the ‘game’ of Muay Thai kickboxing.

Endurance Training

An opportunity to maximize your endurance level and work on stamina, power, speed and breathing throughout this high intensity workout. Great physical challenge.

Mixed Martial Arts

Learn the art of MMA, classes combine the skills and intensity of striking, muaythai, boxing, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiujitsu all blended together to form a complete package.

Brazilian Jiujitsu

Learn the art of ground-fighting techniques and submission holds composed mainly of joint-locks & chokeholds. Control your opponent learn to fight from your back, burn energy, increase confidence and self defense.

Wrestling for MMA

Learn fundamental and advanced wrestling techniques specific to MMA. Double leg takedowns single legs, throws, holds and controls all mixed together in an intense cardio workout.

Strength and Conditioning

Highly qualified and experienced specialist Mike Roach from relentless S&C takes an intense highly functional class based on years of knowledge, learn how to lift, squat, jump, pull-up and many more functional athletic movements.

Personal Training

Work individually with your own personal trainer. The fastest way to learn the basic skills of Thai kickboxing and boxing and work on improving your own technique. Ideal for students who want to try full contact sparring.